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A pic taken of my oldest neice, her Lithuanian husband, myself and my husband, my sister who lives with me on our property and her Chilean husband (from right to left).  I'm the shortest one in the picture and my husband is the tallest.  We are certainly the opposite with height.  We had a barbeque last summer and thought that we would show off our legs.  I think that was the day we cooked the beer can chicken.  Great day.  Cindi.

I get a real kick of every one's footwear, it is reminiscent of hats on men in the 40s and 50s - everyone wore similar style.

I've never been a flip-flop or open toed shoe guy, I think it is a mental block on my end, they look comfy but I usually am the nerd with sneakers on. Or, it goes back to the time of the Great Toms River Nightmare trip  when I wore sandals and no shoe could have been worse for the trip. Literally I lost a sandal a dozen times - all my own fault, but I've never wore on since.

I am an envious little man sometimes - the things people can do with freedom of spirit while I'm stuck in my compulsive little shell sometime irritates me. I've mentioned I'm a work pack-rat. I have a large hemp bag to hold back-braces, gloves, headphones, a lot of junk that doesn't need to go back and forth to work with me AND a belly bag (I called it my man purse to my coworkers just for a laugh) always filled with my wallet, mini flashlight, audio digital recorder machine, mp3 players, batteries for it and my headphones, folded ear muffs, cell phone, pen, ID Cards and meds bottle. I just couldn't go on round without this emergency bag attached at the hip.

My wife, boss and coworkers think I'm whacked - I call it prepared and compulsive - but when I hit the road ESPECIALLY in a BLIZZARD at work, I have the stuff I need to hold out in a snow bank and they just sit there with nothing to do waiting for others to dig them out.

Yep.... There you have it, Beemaster is Monk (maybe not that bad) but we are all unique and now you know a bit more on me. Dang I wish I could wear sandals but if I did, I know I'd have to work a light switch 22 times just for good luck - lol.

John, you need a pair of Tevas.  They won't fall off in the water, we wear them canoing all the time.

My husband had never worn sandals before until I convinced him to try Tevas. He's a truck driver for gravel/paving companies, he's in socks and boots all summer when he's working (that's high season for him).  He actually likes wiggling his toes in the Tevas.  Pretty good for a guy who thought they were 'woosey' 

Cindi, neat picture!  I love putting faces to names, pleased to meetcha!  :-D  And you're right, your hubby towers over you like mine towers over me!

Ann, I gotta check out the Tevas, I don't recall seeing that trade name around here, but I love to wear sandally things in summertime.  Usually I am in a tiny little pair of white canvas runners that are lightweight and I take the strings out of for ease of getting them on quick.

This summer I am planning on going barefoot as much as I can.  I used to do that many many years ago.  I will never forget all my friends saying "barefoot and pregnant" when I was with my first child.  I NEVER EVER wore shoes, unless it was too cold, or had to go to the store.  Even then...I had a hatred for shoes.  My oldest gal was born in November, early, so when I was big with child I ran around the summer without the shoes of encumbrance.

Barefooting it is very very good for the reflex points in our feet, I believe it even crumbles up the crystals that are present there.  Could be wrong, but I remember an article about people should go the barefoot way as much as they can.

Now onto you John.  I admire that you have that little  bit of craziness that allows you to pack a bag full of the main necessities of life.  That is wonderful.  I don't think it is odd one little bit.  A beautiful human trait, go with it.  Get some Tevas though like Ann was saying, maybe you'll get rid of the hot (and probably stinky LOL) sneakers.  If not, at least take out the laces so your feet can breath some air too.  LOL.  I like it that you are sharing some of your personal life with us out here, it is always nice to hear some juice about different lifestyles.  Have a great day Ann and John.  Cindi

Pictures him eating those bugs



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