My grandsons and nephews

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This is a picture of my 2 grandsons and my 3 nephews that all go to the same elementary school.  They are the Bennett boys (2) grandsons and the Zumaeta boys (3) nephews, the Zumaetas have a Chilean father, so they look very dark skinned.  The picture was taken at the end of the school year last year.

I am very proud of these fine young men.  I have 1 other older nephew and 2 nieces that I do not have a picture of.  They are all wonderful young adults and I am lucky to be the auntie and sharing my land with these families.  Great day.  Cindi

a real great looking crew cindi. they look like a handful, yet tons of fun :-D :evil: :-D

Oooh ya, energy plus,, great healthy enthusiastic kids with a zest for life like you would not believe.  Cindi


Must be nice to have your own BASEBALL TEAM always ready to play - great phot of the kids, thanks.

Wow, Cindi, they're handsome young men!  You're so lucky to all live so close.  We all live within four miles of each other, other than my youngest brother, who lives up on the North Shore (above Boston). 

Here's my gang this past Thanksgiving, only missing member is David Jr, my nephew, son of brother David and SIL Gloria (and, of course, my dad, who hasn't been with us now for ten years.  We miss him!).

The rundown:  Sitting in front is my Mom.  Sitting around the table is my sister Laura, me, my SIL Allyson and youngest brother Ben.  Standing are my eldest Marko (behind me), neice Addie (Dave and Glo's 18 year old), neice Maeve (Laura's 12 year old), James (he's 9, Laura's son, and he's standing in front of) my youngest, Christopher, 22, and then David and Gloria, Dave is my just-younger-than-me brother (I'm the oldest).   Hubby Greg is taking the picture.


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