Better Queens by Jay Smith

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Michael Bush:

Classic queen rearing book.

Brian D. Bray:
So for the price of an ink cartriage and a half a ream of paper I can print my own copy of the book?

Michael Bush:
You might want to wait for the pictures.  I hope to put them in soon.

Michael Bush:
I have it with the pictures now.

I bought a pretty good book entitled "Contemporary Queen Rearing" by Harry H. Laidlaw, Jr., A Dadant Publication.  Have only had a glimpse at it, but it appears to be pretty well laid out and reader friendly.  The only nice thing about a purchased book, is that it is a good size, compared to when something is printed out, the print is on standard paper, which can be rather large for my library.  I have only an ink jet printer, so if it gets moist, the print runs.  If you have a laser printer, then it be best to print off the book from the site.  Great day. Cindi


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