4mm aperture mesh for screened bottom board

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Charlie Bezzina:
Thanks everyone. My intention is for the small hive beetles to fall through the mesh and drown in an oil filled tray.

Will bees fit through the 4mm aperture? I do not want the bees to get through the mesh and drown in the tray.

Ben Framed:
Your Welcome Charlie. According to TwT, 'some bees' can get through 3.629mm. So yes, if he is correct even more can get  through 4mm.. 

Update: After reading that topic further Mr Bush said some workers can get through number 7  HWC '3.629mm' if bent. Even still 4 mm is wider. I would not with to try it personally, until someone vouches 4mm will infact get the job done without loss of bees.


Ben Framed:
What many of us use is number 8 hardware cloth which is 3.18 mm almost a mm less than your intention. Doesn't sound like much but......


I agree with Phillip.  If hardware cloth is sold by mm size in your country, I'd go with 3mm, not 4mm.  But perhaps some of the other Aussies can chime in here, since we aren't used to the sizes available to you. 

Charlie Bezzina:
Ok, I will look for something smaller. Another possibility I have found is "expanded metal mesh" . the holes are long and narrow. I'll look at the sizes and come back for advice.


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