4mm aperture mesh for screened bottom board

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Ben Framed:
Charlie, Lesgold also of your country posted the following past July for his solution. Simply click on the heading below and it will take you to the image... I hope this will be of help


--- Quote from: Lesgold on July 14, 2022, 12:29:36 am ---Hi Guys.

A few years ago I made a couple of top bar hives. I had the same problem in finding a small gauge mesh. In the end I found this stuff :

It?s actually a brand of gutter guard that I found at a local hardware store. It?s made from aluminium and comes in at about 7 segments to the inch. As you can see, the spaces are not square and the thickness of each aluminium section is slightly thicker than what you would see on hardware cloth. The main point is that bees did not get through it. It can be purchased in rolls up to about 250mm wide. Max, if you want a piece, PM me with your address and I?ll post a piece to you.



--- End quote ---

Hi Charlie,

Before you go and purchase any materials for your bottom board, have a look at Bluebees bottom boards. You can buy the insert or a completed bottom board. They are the best bottom boards that I have used in my location (on the south coast.) Bees chase the beetles onto the bottom board and they fall through the slots in the base. All waste debris generated in the hive falls through as well. The bottom boards dont accumulate waste material and never require a spring clean. I?ve been experimenting with a range of bottom boards for about five years now and these boards come out on top in my opinion. They also provide good ventilation throughout the hive.

Charlie Bezzina:
The blue bees boards are looking like a good option at the moment, because the prices for woven mesh here in Sydney are astronomical.


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