Technology In Wind Turbines

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The turbine turns at very low speeds, 2 miles per hour but does not produce electricity until, I think, four or more mph. It does this with a variable air gap in the generator. Being variable is a big deal in generators. I think it is one of the patients that they have. If you are building a wind generator from scratch one of the things that you need to work out is getting the right air gap. Too little and the blades need high speeds to start up. If the air gap is larger then you don?t make as much power with strong winds. The air gap is the spacing between the stator and the rotor. With low wind, the air gap is wide enough that you don?t put a load on the blades and it starts to spin. Then as the wind increases, the blades are already spinning and you reduce the air gap and make a little power. In the older models the blades still aren?t able to start spinning at the same wind speed.
Another good thing about this design is it is very quiet. That is a big problem with the older models. They are very noisy. Another great thing is at really high speeds, the old models had to shut down or they would burn up , literally and destroy the whole turbine. Not only does it not have to shut down, it also keeps making max power.
Is anyone else thinking about investing in this company?
Jim Altmiller

Ben Framed:
Thanks for reporting your findings Jim. I found and posted this topic because i view this technology as being unique and wished to share the video with you all for conversation as well as curiosity. . I do not intend to invest in one of these units until I am 'totally' convinced it exceeds my expectations.

That's really interesting! 

The real problem is anything mechanized will be subject to break downs. I think the best way to store energy with a turbine is pump water up hill.


--- Quote from: beesnweeds on December 17, 2022, 11:32:47 am --- Building codes here require that it can't generate power during outages, you could kill a lineman.

--- End quote ---
You can kill a lineman with any kind of power generating on the grid if you don't have the proper controls or switch gear.


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