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Ben Framed:
Does anyone here have experience with this, or checked into this type of, high wind / low wind, turbine technology?

This is really interesting. I would love to bee able to get the 3d print files and print a small version of it. I might bee able to design it just from their pictures. I will bee investigating this a little further. I would love to have a good wind turbine to fill in when there is no solar power coming in. One problem is that we don?t have a lot to f wind here normally.
I need something that works in low wind speeds. Normal propeller wind turbines don?t work well here. I did see a vertical turbine next to a large Jacksonville city road that was always spinning every time I went by it. I think it may have been running on traffic wind.
Jim Altmiller

Ben Framed:
Jim I am glad that you are interested. There are many references when it comes to wind turbines. This reference however is unique in design and function. Known problems with wind turbines include, higher wind , almost no wind.  Bird kill has also been a 'big' problem with the larger wind turbines . Not so with this set up.  Please keep us updated on your findings.


Ive looked into similar wind turbines years ago.  The problems are its very expensive to store any energy it generates.  Building codes here require that it can't generate power during outages, you could kill a lineman.  That type of electrical switching is also expensive.  I would have to design and build some type of costly shelter that wouldn't affect performance for the Harmony turbine.  I would be out there this morning trying to chop ice and snow out of it without causing damage and hoping we get some wind today to help recoup the money invested.

Ben Framed:
I have seen other types of wind generating turbines but not quite like this one, which generates in wind as little as 1 MPH.(according to the claims) Or a wind turbine that automatically adjusts the blades pitch thus controlling the (rpms') according to wind speed from 1 MPH to what ever, which saves the turbine from being destroyed in a high wind senecio. 

I do not know about electrical flow safety concerns which might be generated during power outages. I can say and ask the same for solar panels as we well know they are being used by many these days. Perhaps there is some type safety feature installed in each which restricts flow down line during an outage? In other words, how is it done with solar panels?

Either way, I can say this is the most unique wind turbine I have seen so far... Whether it works or is even any good, I do not know...



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