How To Cook It Outdoors. What?s your Way?

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Michael Bush:
>Great for cooking a stir fry or searing a steak but as Michael said, too hot for a slow cook.

Agreed.  Great for stir fry or boiling water quickly but difficult not to burn other things.

Ben Framed:
The steaks and shrimp cooked the first video looked pretty good to me! lol 

30wfcs' hot coal method looked to be producing some mouth watering delicacies as well!

What did you all think of SaltyCrackers method of cooking whole catfish?

Codetalkers' method of cooking steaks sounds great also!

The15Members agreement of the quick and easy way on cinderblocks sounds like a winner as well!  As pictured by 30wfc

The setups pictured by Lesgold was interesting and original!

"How To Cook It Outdoors. What's your Way? "
Are there others which might like to contribute with more or interesting ideas of cooking outdoors, or chime in perhaps?


Michael Bush:
Most of my outdoor cooking is in a tipi on the fire in the middle.  Most of it is on coals, though coffee is often on the flames before they die down to coals.  Fires are small and every effort is made to keep them smokeless so they are either flames or coals.  If there is smoke it's not good.


--- Quote from: Michael Bush on January 05, 2023, 01:03:44 pm ---Hot coals are the best for any cooking.  A rocket stove is too hot, though if used indoors, it is a lot less smoky.  Cast iron and hot coals.

--- End quote ---
Yes sir, cast iron and hot coals is how we roll

Michael Bush:
Now those ducks you got, I would wrap in wet clay (gutted but still with feathers) and cook them in the coals.  When you pull off the clay the feathers and skin come right off with the clay.  :)  Juicy and delicious.


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