halloween pix


just thought I would show off so pictures of us getting ready to go trick or treating this year. Hope everyone had a nice and safe halloween.

Looks like you had a great ol time!!  Did you get lots of treats?? :)

Laurence, being the cuter of the two of us, scored a mighty load. We did end up dividing the candy in half and delivered some of it to our little neighbor/friend Quincy. Quincy is the same age of Laurence but he is battling a form of bone cancer. He didn't get to go out this year, his immune system is too weak so Laurence shared his halloween take with him. We did enjoy a trip to the local farm park for a haunted hayride, and boo at the zoo too. As always busy as a bee.... :roll:

Great values to teach a child. Sharing with someone who couldn't go.Little things like that are remembered a long time!

organicgrl37.  Some pretty darn cute pictures of you and your Son.  Like Ken said, those values of sharing with those that have less are unique, and I admire this quality you have.  Glad you had a great Halloween, glad to see you posting again.  Have a wonderful and beautiful day, Cindi


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