This man, the Love of My Life


I have been organizing hundreds of pictures tonight, many of which I will be sharing among my forum friends soon.  I have a great image resizer program (VSO image resizer, thanks to Mick), and I am getting things ready for some beauties to bestow upon you all.

This is my Husband.  The love of my life, my best friend, the man who would move heaven and earth for me.  And this he does, every day.  I am a lucky woman, and I am so grateful and thank my lucky stars to be a part of this man's life.

He is sitting on my rock pile that I have been adding to for over two years now, infront of the apiary.  Making all the bee gardens, all over the property, I have about 3 acres out of 5 in food and flower cultivation for us and the bees.

The day before yesterday, I caught him off guard and he looks a little grumpy to me, but pay no heed, he had worked hard all day, doing things for me that I suddenly and unexpectedly asked him to do, with narry a complaint.  I have changed his daily plans so many times, I wonder why he does these things he does for me so willingly.  Hmmmm.maybe our wonderful relationship.  My soulmate, I am proud to tell the world.  Have a wonderful day, love our life we're livin'  Cindi.

He's a handsome fellow, Cindi!  It's wonderful to find a man who loves you and takes good care of you, isn't it?  And I know you take good care of him, as well, as I do of my wonderful guy (this was taken at Stair Falls on the Salmon Falls River up in Maine - he's my outdoors guy in his element here):

He doesn't smile in pictures, I don't know why, but every once in awhile I'll catch him in a pic with a grin.  Not this time, though.  That's ok, he saves his smiles for me.  :)

Its ok to not smile for pictures.  My wife mocks me for my "happy picture " poses...  Must be a guy thing....

Sound like good guys.  I only hope my wife talks about me that way....(she doesn't but thats ok, I make her laugh anyway, she's wonderful !!).

Sorry, can't comment on how great they look...I'm a guy too, we don't do that...:)


Ann, you are 100% bang on with that.  To find someone in your life that is in perfect harmony is not that easy.  It took me several tries before I finally got there, and I'm not goin' anywhere.  Love my man.  Your hubby looks like he is a great dude!!!  I know you have said he is your "new and improved", me too, yeah!!!  Good for you!!!!

YOu should see some of the pics my husband has had taken of him.  He is a toilet freak, loves to put in new toilets.  We have 3 pictures of him sitting on toilets.  One in spring one year, one in summer, and one in the darn cold snow.  The poses are funny, probably not quite appropriate for the forum, but we dared to hang them on our wall in a 3 picture collage.  We are taking out another toilet shortly and the wants to put one of our big carved out pumpkins on his head  :-D

The pictures are not rude, just him simply sitting on the toilets, but with his pants down (nothing exposed) and one is of him naked on the toilet (with absolutely nothing exposed), but still, probably not forum friendly  :roll:

Have a wonderful day, enjoy our lives we're livin'.  Cindi


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