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Here's a picture taken in May 2004 of, in order, my sister-in-law, my sister, me and my mom.  We were at the night-before-the wedding dinner in Jamaica, where my youngest brother got married.  Oops, of course the bride is now my sister-in-law, she was busy elsewhere at the party when we took this photo.  I posted this in another forum today so I thought I'd show it here, too.

Wonderful photos reinbeau and how lucky to go to Jamaica. I like seeing the face to go with the postings.

Thanks and post more photos, I love them.


Ann, I am so sorry I missed this post.  I am terrible about not getting into all the forums to see new posts.  This one was quite old (August), but I still loved to see the picture of you and your family.  How nice, yeah!!!!!  What a great place to go and have a wedding eh?  You is one lucky gal!!! Have a great and wonderful day in this life.  It is so nice to put your picture there, so I really feel like I know you, yeah!!!! Cindi

No problem, Cindi, there's only so much time in a day to read forum posts!  Especially when the season is in full swing.  Now that things are calming down and we enter the dark time of winter we'll all discover things in posts we missed over the summer.  Here's the beautiful little product of the marriage we attended in Jamaica:

Isabelle Ann arrived last Thursday afternoon at 5:08 pm.  She weighed 8 lbs .01 oz (I love how precise they are nowadays! :) )  That's the proud daddy, my youngest brother Ben, and their Portuguese Water Dog whose name is.....Bella  :roll: :lol:  I asked my SIL after I found out what the baby's name was going to be if they'd thought this through - and they named the dog (who is still young, I think she's 10 months old) before they found out SIL was pregnant - and then afterwards realized they'd made a bit of a muddle because they were going to name a girl Isabelle.  So, she'll have to be Issy, I guess, although I'll probably just call her Isabelle, just as I've always called my youngest son Christopher, not Chris  :)

My mother and I went up to their house to see the baby for the first time, these pictures are hot off the presses!

Ann, how sweet.  What a beautiful little girl!!!! (really smiling hard here).  Is this the first time you have had the privilege of being an Auntie?  There is nothing on earth like the little children that love their Uncles and Aunties, other than Grandchildren, of course, I am grateful that I have two Grandsons and countless little Nieces and Nephews (and some great Neices and Nephews too!!!  :) :) :).

Your brother was married in Jamaica, but you say you went up to visit them.  Did they ever live in Jamaica or just wed there?  So nice that you and your Mother could go for a visit.  Do they live far away?  Do you have any other siblings that may bring some little youngsters into our world for you?  How about your children (I think you may have said that you had two sons?, can't quite remember).  Anyhow girl, nice to see how you are, I really mean that. Have a wonderful and beautiful day on our great earth.  Cindi


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