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So, you die and have to come back as one of the following (had to) which one and why?

1 (5.6%)
6 (33.3%)
9 (50%)
0 (0%)
2 (11.1%)

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Author Topic: If you had to comeback as one of these creatures - which would it be and why  (Read 16677 times)

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I'm going with Vampire because Vampire women turn me on, I know its kinda weird, think its the teeth. You asked.  :-D


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 Ghost. Always wanted to be a Fly on the Wall at some secret event. And of the choices it's the only one that doesn't have to feed, sleep, or risk death again.
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I have to say ghost because everything else on the list would be hunted and killed by all the villagers. 

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If by GHOST we mean Earthly Bound Spirit, if you added "occupying anyone's body for a life time (I know sounding Buddhist a bit) but lets say you can move around, occupying different peoples bodies - I might go that. If you can shop, their are some pretty cool people you'd get to choose from.

Begs a question.... If you could "Mentally move in" for 1 week or year of ANYONE, who would it be?

I know my quirky thing I'd like to happen is have dinner with Bill Clinton (can't help it, he grew on me and they were much better times for everyone - danged Democrat) but all politics aside, who would you be for a day, week, what ever???
That's a good question John I'll have to think about that.
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If you could "Mentally move in" for 1 week or year of ANYONE, who would it be?

not picky there, I'd float as a separate entity and get to know all including whats on the poll.

hmm, I don't see the likes of Furyan, Lycan, Guardian Angel and many others.

Guardian Angels

Werewolf / Vampire Hybrid Lycan

Lycan - Werewolf / Vampire cross


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I had to go with Necromancer because i already am hairy enough.  Don't see road kill as an option.  With a vampire i don't have dental insurance so that's an issue keeping both those pearly whites good and sharp.  Besides does anyone know of a midnight dentist?  Ghosts aren't all that interesting especially when your just a image that people can walk though kinda puts a damper on things of the flesh.  As for a Zombie who wants to walk around without thinking?  Wait nevermind i know people that already fit that discription.  So calling up spirts of dead people would probably be the best way to go about it.  I mean let's think about it who wouldn't want to sit down with people from the past?  Have relatives to still talk to that are long gone.  Ooooh and you can always summon up Hitler for coffee just to ask what the were you thinking? 
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I also thought of Aliens living amoung us - the Tall Greys (the ones in the giant triangle shaped craft) are living it up in Vegas - they appear somewhat Middle Eastern and play the low stakes games. Their vision supposedly allows them to see the colors and print THRU playing cards.

They live a good cash only life style, not showing up on the radar too much except for facial recognition software used in casinos, supposedly a trained eye can spot a tall gray fairly easily. Gee... the things you learn on talk radio :)

I could do my best to disappear into the open shadows of an off the grid life style. Sort of Bruce Banner in the Hulk, I wouldn't hitchhike, except to the bus station maybe. But imagine having ample and ready money available and just travel the US would be wonderful. I really have no need to travel outside the US, too much to do here still, before I ever leave our country - minus maybe a cruise I enjoy one of them back in '89

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