Queens: Marked, Clipped or Neither?

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Everyone knows my propensity towards marking queens. Just curious to what folks are doing.

Beth Kirkley:
Well, I ordered my queens marked, but they didn't come that way. The first time I just took as a simple mistake. The second time I got irritated. Next time I'll throw a big fit BEFORE getting the queens to make sure they know I'm serious.


Mine are not marked. I kind of would like to have them marked since it would make it much easier to find her.

it's little effort to take a bottle of white out with you next time you go in the hive.  the queen can be marked while she is still on the brood frame with just a dab on her thorax.  watch for a bit to see the workers aren't upset and return the frame.  you can do the same as the wing clipping if you like.  one side for even years the other for odd.  it'll do good enough to let you know what you need to.

I ordered 2 marked and clipped Queens this spring. One has already been replaced. I don't know why, everything seemed to be OK. I also have a swarm I captured and I haven't seen any Queen sign after 2 weeks. Time to check again. I won't bother in the future with marking because ultimately it is eggs I will be looking for, and I can find those if they are present.


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