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5. 10. 2020 - a swarm " bigger then a football" up Ahern's road

Looks like the swarm season is pretty well over here.
I had one swarm as far as I know. Making splits does prevent swarms realy well.

My mate in Witta had pretty well every one of his hives swarm at least one time and my mate up the valley had about 50% of his hives swarm. I don't mind swarms if you can catch them but mine seem to pick tall gums.
Trap hives did not work for me this year.

7. 2. 2021 - Conondale.
Just went to one of my yards to move a nuc into a 10 frames box.
Right next to me a hive which was a nuc just a few months ago took off. Biggest swarm of the season - sadly settled too high for me to catch it.
I have had some exceptional queens this year - amazing egg producers- and it showed the difference between a good queen and an amazing queen.
Lost this one

We had a number of cloudy and wet days...and then this morning this burst of bright sun.
I could not believe to see a small swarm take off.
I'm pretty sure they had no queens and went back home.

Bee North:
Hi Max
That is what happens up here through the wet...even now. After prolonged periods of rain being all cooped up they swarm on the first clear day.
Aparently in this case swarming is triggered due to the fact that few foragers are leaving the hive and they feel congested. Also the rain brings with it flows and pollen.
I'm still managing swarming up here. I dont have a swarm season. I only get a swarm break over winter and that's about it.
On the up side it's perfect for raising queens!


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