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Bee North:
Hi Max
Sick of the rain...yes mate sure am and the girls more so!

I'm away again. I made sure they all had stores before leaving. It's amazing how much they differ. Some hives barely any stores and others had supers almost full. The hives were at equal strength 2 months ago.

I have a few hives only 5 k west of my main apiary at home and they all have drones at all stages. My home apiary only has drones in one hive out of 10. My home gets a lot more rain though at the top of the range and the queens have slowed down as a result.

"Snake under the lid" bet that one took you by surprise!

We had a light frost on the river flat this morning.
Probably enough to kill off the Cobblers pegs and Bluetop.

Not sure if this will help the Blue Gum?

Back to a mild winter here.
We had some rain - very welcome this time of the year - but we are back to sun and the bees are flying and busy. The days are short ....but getting longer.
Time to make up more frames, supers...

Ben Framed:

--- Quote ---Interesting what you find under the outer lids ( I use old lids on top of the hives to protect them from the weather.)
Under one lid I found 10 small frogs, under another a small snake and under quite a few some grand spiders.

--- End quote ---

Max what kind of snake was under your lid? No kind is a good kind to find there :shocked: Was it poisonous? 

Hi Ben,
I'm not a 100% sure what type, of snake it was - probably a harmless tree snake.

Still, it is not something to see every day when you work bees!


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