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Honeycomb king:
Blackberries have about a week to go in the hills say 500 to 600 m above sea level, broad leaf peppermint seems to have finished but may kick on with the warm weather early next week which will finish of the berry.  Tea tree ( burgan) in the hills has really got started which will be good for those on blackberry in those areas.  It's great when 1 good pollen source follow another.  The kinglake ranges has had a good spring with goodenia followed by blackberry then tea tree. All have a high protein pollen even if a surplus of honey is not gathered.

It would be great if we could colaboratively work together to share information about what's going on where - even if it is very high level. I find the hardest thing being suitable locations to put a few hives... Thanks for your updates folks - keep them coming :)

I thought the Green Mallee was going to do well this season (up around Kamaroooka) but it seems the heat has really killed off any chance of that

The lack of rain and hot days are going to stop a lot of trees flowering. An area we cut hay last year gave us about 70 bails, this year we got 9. (We didn't cut all, there wasn't enough grass).

Honeycomb king:
Keep in mind the season seems to be running 3 weeks in advance of the normal. So set your calendar 3 weeks forward and look at the floral source of January. Also remember when ever the seasons are out of rhythm there is always an equalizer. My thought at this stage is a wet autumn starting 3rd week of March give or take a week. But it's always easier to pick the season when its been .
 Nectar scarab seems to be very little, on red gum so it continues. I'll be looking at other floral sources over the next week and will report back.
Oz buzz you will find most beekeepers will tell you about a nectar flow after it has happened.

Honeycomb king:
Red gum has pretty much finished around whittlesea.  Still on the go out ararat way despite the extreme heat and wind, see what comes off if after the Xmas, boxing day rains that is expected. Too busy with honeycomb to check out other sites this will possibly next week.


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