My queens have arrived!!


Queen Bee:
I ordered marked queens from Spell Bee Company. They arrived this morning-- alive and well! So, I will be requeening tomorrow!!! Wish me luck.. It will be so nice to get rid of that hot hive and have one I can enjoy... (Fingers crossed, rubbing a rabbits foots, looking for four leaf clovers :D )

Good luck! I need some too, I've just have a BUCKFAST bee arrive straight from the abbey yesterday, arrived here this morning, and I've been down this lunchtime and installed her. Not ideal conditions, but managed to get her and cage in OK.

Just hope they take to her now. The monks didn't really have any left, but when I explained I had ordered, but had to withdraw my request due to injuring my back and being unable to manipulate the hives, they went and got one for me specially.

I'd pre-warned the post lady and she rushed up with the envelope this morning, grinning like a cheshire cat - everybody is really interested here at work.

Anyway, it's fingers crossed for me!



--- Quote from: Queen Bee --- looking for four leaf clovers :D )
--- End quote ---

A little tip here:  I spilled some paint by accident into the grass some years back.  The next season we got a lot of four leaf clovers at the spot,  some 5 leaf clovers, and even a 6 and a 7 leaf clover.    :lol:



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