Beeswax Tea light candle issues

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I?ve now put out all candles at 3 1/2 hours. Time to go out for a coffee. Two were burning well. I will light them up again when I get back. The CDN wick didn?t work very well at all. I will light up the other two when I get home.

Here is mine at 3 hours.  All my wax is liquid at this point, and it should continue to burn like this until it runs out of wax.  I'll let you know how long it lasts.  You can also see how weirdly shaped the wick is getting, which my higher quality wicking doesn't do usually.   

That wick has really mushroomed Reagan. It will be interesting to see how long your candle continues to burn.
I trimmed the wicks and got them fired up again. Here they are at the 4 hour mark.

Stopping and starting again may impact on the results slightly as the melt pool set and wicks were trimmed. Can?t do much about that as a coffee took priority.

So, I'm trying to compare apples to apples here.  You have your square braid wicks labeled small and medium, and I'm trying to compare that to my wick size, which is 1/0.  Did the company who sold you that wicking have it labeled that way (small and medium)?  I'm just wondering which size is the same, or similar at least, to mine.  The medium wick looks too big to me when it's burning properly, but it's odd that a wick that is too large would stall out.  It's almost like the wick isn't drawing up enough wax or something, but when it finally catches up, it burns okay. 

Hey, I just realized something.  Did you prime your wicks?  Mine are pre-primed, but that could explain why ALL your sizes aren't burning well. 


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