Beeswax Candles

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Thanks for the replies. I thought I?d do a bit of research into candle shapes and skep candles immediately stood out. I didn?t want to say anything before hearing from you guys. Michael, your idea of dipping tapered candles sounds interesting. I?ve already ordered a couple of molds for beeswax blocks. 1oz. blocks would be handy for people who make beeswax wraps, lip balms, creams etc. Thanks for the feedback Nigel.

I don't sell candles, so I can't comment on that aspect, but I do make candles for my own family's use.  I have several different silicon Lyson molds, and I'm very happy with all of them.  I just recently got Lyson's votive-sized skep mold, and it's very cute.  I can see why they would be popular with people at farmer's markets and the like.  I also have a birthday candle mold that I purchased on Etsy.  The most difficult part about candles is finding the right sized wick for the various shapes and sizes of candle.  I'm still experimenting with several of my molds.  I get all my wicking from Waxing Moonshine, also on Etsy.  They have great prices, quality, and customer service. 

Hi Folks,

Thought I?d follow up with some of your advice and made a few samples for the next lot of markets coming up on Sunday. It will be interesting to see what the response is from the general public.




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