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Hi Folks

I have decided to have a play making beeswax candles in order to utilise some of my surplus wax. About half of the wax that the bees give me is turned into foundation and the rest is sold to a company that produces foundation on a commercial scale. I have never made a candle before so I might be looking to the wizards on here for some advice from time to time. There doesn?t appear to be anything complex about the process but advice in relation to moulds, wicks, shapes that sell and processes that you use would be appreciated.

Could I start with a couple of simple questions. Am I wasting my time or will they sell at the markets?

If they are popular with the general public, what are the most popular shapes and sizes?

Any comments or help would be appreciated.



The person to ask is Bill Murray. He sells a lot of candles. My wife and I have made some but have not been able to sell very many.
Jim Altmiller

In the markets I do....1oz blocks sell really well....for candles skep shaped ones are most popular. Others shapes sell only slowly.
Probably best you try and see what people in your area like.

I agree with NigelP.  Blocks and skep shaped sell well.  Also I have sold the hand dipped candles.  They sell well also.  I sell them for about a dollar for an ounce of wax.

Michael Bush:
I have some taper molds.  If you cast some tapered candles and dip them a couple of times they look like dipped candles.


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