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Hi folks

I have just purchased a wax melter where sticky cappings can be rendered in a boiler without the addition of water. Wax will float on top of honey that will be released from the cappings as it heats. This honey will be recovered and drained off for use in cooking. Do any of you have any good sauce recipes that you wouldn?t mind sharing? I reckon there will be quite a lot of cooking honey recovered and I would like to put it to good use.

Michael Bush:
You're on the right track.  Whatever the recipe, use honey for all the sweetening and make that half of the ingredients.

I bought 2 gallons many years ago from another local beekeeper when I ran out. Long story short, I got a bad sore throat and then a cold and the honey did nothing to help. I called the Beek and found out he had heated it to 130 degrees Fahrenheit. We ended up using it to make preserves and anything else that called for sugar that was cooked.
Jim Altmiller

You are on the money Jim. Heated honey is just a sweetener that is good for cooking and adding flavour to food. When I do recover this small amount of honey from the cappings, that will be its only use. Just hoping that someone has some good recipes to utilise it.

Ben Framed:
Les I don't have any but I bet Coolbees does and maybe others here too. He post here from time to time and is quite the outdoors man.... The next time he is online and posting, lets remember to ask him.. I am thinking iddee, gww, and 30 might also have something  good for you... 🤷🏻‍♂️



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