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Brian D. Bray:
My new daughter-in-law is a 3rd grade teacher and I'm going to be giving her class a presentation on Bees this school year.
I decided to make a small Skep made out of Sisal rope.  I decided to make it with a removable top for harvesting honey, like the one my father said my Great-Grandfather had at one time.

What's needed.
100 feet of 3/8 inch sisal rope.
hot glue gun w/6 glue sticks (you'll use most of it.
1 8" bowl
1 4" bowl
Wax Paper
Slats or newspaper
Latex or Nitral gloves
1 foot square board to mount skep on.

Place 8 inch bowl upside down on board and cover outside with wax paper (the Wax Paper keeps the skep from being glued to the bowl).  Place slats or newspaper over wax paper (this acts a re-inforcement to help hold skep together.
Wrap rope around bowl, gluing every couple of inches (wrap in counter clockwise direction so the natural twist in the rope helps hold the rope in the coil).
Once the rope is wrapped and glued around the bowl so only a 3-3.5 inch opening is left set it aside.
Place 4 inch bowl on board and repeat process until the rope has only a whole with room to feed the diameter of the rope through is left.  Make a loop (handle) on top for removing the top piece.
Turn larger part of skep upside down and cut an entrance 1 inchwide and 2 rope twists high into one side of it.
Mount Skep on Board, place removable piece on top, and decorate with miniture bees, etc, as desired.

It look cool and I plan on using it in all my presentations along with my nuc hive, my 8 inch diameter wasp nest (I need to find a cubic container for this), bee crossing sign, my posters, and beekeeping equipment.
I'll also lend it to my local Association for use when they do stands at the county fair etc.

Can you post a picture of the skep when you get finish with it?
thank you

Brian D. Bray:

--- Quote from: 1reb on October 13, 2008, 09:18:09 am ---Brian
Can you post a picture of the skep when you get finish with it?
thank you

--- End quote ---

Cindi, bring down  your camera so we can post a picture for this gent.  I have a camera, I never use it, cause I don't know how.  Once they did away with film camera's have been above my pay grade.  Asking me to post something on the internet is way beyond my pay grade and mental process.


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