First wax melting today and a question please!!

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Today was a very exciting day as I melted a bunch of dirty wax in my solar wax melter and out came the most beautiful looking wax. I am so excited about this.

I do have a question though about melting wax.  I cut out a couple of drone frames this morning (mite control) and threw the whole mess into a bucket of water. I strained this dirty disgusting larvae ridden wax through a collander and placed it also into the solar melter. It was the end of the day, so it will not melt until tomorrow.

My question is: Will the larvae stay up above the filter (the filter is 2 layers of paper towels), or will it melt right along with the wax??

Yuck!!!, but I wanted to know what kind of wax I will end up with tomorrow.


My experience so far is that all the disgusting bee parts get cooked above the paper towel.  Even if the larvae "melt" and soak through the paper towel, I would think they would be a part of the water below the wax and not a part of the wax itself. 

When I use the solar wax melter, everything stays above the paper towel except the wax and the stuff on top of the paper towel gets really cooked.  The water below the wax sometimes even boils - you can see the evidence of that when the lower side of the wax is bubbled.  The residue usually looks burned into the paper towel by the end of the day.

I'm so thrilled it is working for you! 

Linda T in the N Georgia mountains


I have put some really disgusting stuff through the solar melter and always come up with nice clean wax.  I got the plans for the solar melter on this website and it is great.

Take Care,


Yes, the end result was beautiful clean wax.


i love beeswax , i am going to bee making the solar wax melter !!! 8-)


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