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A theory I had on the subject was that it's similar to Mad Cow Disease.

With Mad Cow Disease, cattle farmers started using more bits of the left over cow to be chopped up and fed to other cows. In this case it was the cow's feet. The cow would digest this oddly and tiny shards of bone would be put into the blood stream and block certain receptors in the cow's brain.

With Colony Collapse Disorder the adult bees can't find their way home. Something is screwing around with their internal compus. Specifically something in the fall time. What are beekeepers doing in the fall? Adding and removing strips to combat mites. And I'm assuming newer formulas are more likely to be bought by commercial bee farmers who seem most effected by this.

Thoughts, comments, theories of your own?

Since I have been reading reports on this till I am blue in the face, I can say this. I have no idea as to what is a certain cause of it.

But everyone is entitled to an opinion. Yours is no worse than the others. The problem is the speculation and FUD is running rampant. When the research comes out I will read it.


it's very hard to point out a certain cause. i's impossible. ok..if the deal was...every year some...10% of bees were gone this way, we could find out the cause, but like this..all the sudden PLUS all across the US and A ( :-D) it's just...confusing. some say that bees are simply exhausted, can't take anymore of our "bleep" got fed up with this poisened life and commited suicides. everything is even scaryer since other predators such as moths hive beetle and stuff won't live in the abandoned hives. i know this sounds familliar and is probably worn out but...we have a big problem!

The lack of parasites is very interesting, I hadn't realized that was the case. I think it supports theory's that say this is a man made problem. Though they are also flying insects, I wonder if this epidemic is more wide spread than it seems. Suppose the bees trust the magnetic currents of the earth and ultraviolet color variations in the sky more than their own geometry (triangulation?).
Since Wax moths are nocturnal flying I wonder if they would also be effected.

As a side note I'm wondering how much a jar of honey will cost when there are no bees.

not just honey...honey is the least!!! think of the apples, almonds, ALL of fruits (maybe not all, majority) other plants...they are darn right when they say that with extinction of bees comes the extinction of mankind.

it has to be some kind of new virous or's just not normal that it all started the same year , at least i just won't except that bees of all larger keepers got "worn out" at the same time, it just isn't possible!
maybe these big keepers found some great chemical that helped against varoa and didn't want the majority to find out...but didn't test it enough...JUST on of the many MAYBES


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