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Title: Ryan Reynolds in BURIED
Post by: beemaster on February 11, 2011, 01:48:29 am
I just watched this a few days ago and I have enjoyed Ryan Reynolds, mostly in comical roles, a few more serious films, like The Nines....

But this is his GREATEST ACHIEVEMENT I believe. This is visually a one man show about an American truck driver working for a contractor to the US Military in Iraq - he was in a convoy for the contractor's protection and it is ambushed. We enter the film with Reynold's waking up after the ambush. And before the "first few seconds of video", you are hooked.

Can't describe the opening without giving the premise away, but in his favor, he has a cellphone, Zippo lighter, a small knife, quirky flashlight and two hours to try and save his life.

Vague, yes - but this film is very unusual, it is a first time director who was a screen play writer and he hit this out of the ballpark. This film is shot in 2:35 format, extra wide super letterbox (much of the top and bottom of the screen is black, as intended for effect.

This is a real winner if you are in the mood to be tossed into a nightmare that is way too real. Here is the trailer: it probably says more than I did, but I am SHOCKED that Ryan Reynolds did not get an Oscar nominee for Breakout Performance or Actor in a leading role. He is well liked in many movies, but with Buried he opened the door for ANY role he'd like.

Thanks to the cellphone donned with Arabic Text, he struggles to find anyone, anywhere, who can help him. He has a support cast of great talent, the dialog is quick, to the point and a tragic curve is tossed in that makes the last few minutes haunting. (
Title: Re: Ryan Reynolds in BURIED
Post by: beemaster on March 28, 2011, 09:38:03 am
YOU MEAN TO SAY that no one has seen this great film yet? I think it is a work of art. Just curious :)