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Author Topic: I don?t know where to go?  (Read 606 times)

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I don?t know where to go?
« on: January 31, 2024, 11:07:40 pm »
I?m scared with this latest Devine event. You guys have witnessed a severely mental patient the last 7 years try to figure out what this is.
I?ve been devinley challenged and can?t stop thinking about me being God like the ?in his image ? says. I?m not sure if a church just let a recently blasted by his person into their clergy carte blanche.
I don?t know so I?m gonna do my own thing
Pray for me friends
I?m so busy with everything- I painted my deceased(at 2)  fathers Bible with a beehive and lightning bolts and put ?bee busy? for if you?re idle , you missed your gift.
After realizing my BPD was my mental diagnosis and the most confounded by science , I and those afflicted can claim super being status
It?s very interesting as I started GODGOESFISHING dot com.
I wrote over 14 legal pads and 5 pens in one week. It was as if I was like a founder during the declaration of ind as the warring sides sat back after a tumultuous week and each admired the work as a miracle.
So if my founding fathers can do it so can we.
I?ve used my bees on my godgoesfishing you tube channel to tell people of their soul job to create the next generation for their growth
And I you take the Bible literally, jesus says be Christlike - okay that?s east like the golden rule.
Now the masters level education is be made in gods image. Do you create things like kids cars businesses etc.
and if you perform the top two it is as if heaven as it is on earth as we ARE Holy Spirits
Jesus said ?you can blaspheme me and my father. But DONT blaspheme the Holy Spirit.
In us is what I know he meant !!
He didn?t take all that to heaven! He wanted us as perfect as can be
Don?t limit yourself Bee busy and raise the next generation and stop wasting time thinking of an eternity in the clouds as we need you here!!
Thanks people and I LOVE my bees
Check out my YouTube or website
And I think to myself, what a wonderful world
Then all else falls in line
It?s up to me

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Re: I don?t know where to go?
« Reply #1 on: February 01, 2024, 03:57:33 pm »
Hey friend are you willing to talk to a proper psychiatrist?  You sound like you're hanging in there for now but manic episodes can be real hazardous.  And you can't always predict how it's going to be, might be better tomorrow, might be worse.

Do you have someone nearby to you that maybe you could invite to lunch and show them what's going on? They might have a helpful perspective. And good company makes a heart cheerful.

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