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Author Topic: Honey to save Chilean palm trees  (Read 2466 times)

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Honey to save Chilean palm trees
« on: October 11, 2008, 05:21:28 pm »
I have decided to run for the title of Reprint Article Archives Queen but I refuse to participate in the swimsuit portion of the pageant unless it can be made of bees...

Here is an interesting article about the plight of Miel de Palma (palm honey - which is more like maple sugar as it is extracted and boiled palm syrup) and how actual honey can help save the trees which are currently cut to be harvested.

"Javier Salvatierra, a Masters student at the Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile has been investigating how apiculture could offer a way to integrate the conservation and use of native plant species. If he can prove that a type of honey has a pollen content of forty five percent or more from a given species, it will be recognised as monofloral honey. This classification of purity also adds commercial value to the product, providing a financial incentive to locals to conserve the native flora for its nectar."


- Jess