Finally found the queen

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Well ben the worst case scenerio is the hive absconds or dies and i start again but ill know in 10 days ,here i was thinking about splits next year and if i should harvest honey all the time the bees are in dier peril of extinction .

Bob Wilson:
Crispy, I assume you have no nucs on hand. I have made up two 5 frame nucs, here in my 3rd summer of beekeeping, so that if that happens, I will have a spare queen on hand.

Bee North:
Keep us updated mate and think about how much you have learned!

Thanks for the offer bob but im in australia ,and yes have learned a lot ,if this works out i will attempt to do a walk away split next spring to stop any swarming and have also thought about ading a second brood box not sure on that one yet but i know of some who do do ths to stop swarming ,at the moment not even concerned about the honey if this works they can have the lot i just want my bees to survive .

Well 10 days have passed and i did the inspection and i have a laying queen ,brood and larvea on at least 50-60% of the frames , didnt see her not really looking for her to be honest but hope that she will keep laying enough to keep the hive alive they have 7 full frames of honey and are drawing and filling 2 more plus what they have down in the brood box  which is a lot so i dont think they will go hungry over winter .decided not to harvest any this year but come spring i may have to harvest some and add new frames .Will do one more inspection before locking the hive till spring been advised by the breeder to do this before april the 25 as it is renowned for being the start of cooler weather .


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