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Author Topic: The New Bull. By, Jerry Clower  (Read 825 times)

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The New Bull. By, Jerry Clower
« on: May 07, 2020, 01:09:19 am »
On the ranch, three bulls were in the paddock, discussing events and things of the day when they over heard the Rancher tell the hired hand, "That new bull will be here any minute! I look forward to introducing the new bloodline to our heard."
Well the three bulls discussed this. The old bull said fellows, I have been here several years, I have 200 girl friends and I am not giving even one up to this new bull! If it's a fight he wants he will get it!
The second bull said, same for me! I  have 100 girl friends and I will not give any up either! The third young bull said , I don't have but 50 girl friends and I am not giving any of mine up PERIOD !!!  About that time, a big cattle hauling trailer pulled up, dropped the gate. The door opened and there he was! A 2700 pound Brahma Bull! All muscle! He was bellowing, making deep terrifying sounds, blowing snot out of both nostrils, slinging his head back and forth and looked absolutely terrifying! Rocking the whole trailer as he furiously made his way down the gang plank!

The first bull said,  AH, fellows ah,  on second thought, that was mighty greedy of me thinking only of myself; I think I will rethink this, I will go ahead and let him have 50 of my girl friends. No need of me being so selfish!  The second bull said, you know, you are right. I think I will give him 25 of my cows,  I do not know what come over me being so selfish minded either!  The third young little bull let out a challenging roar! Slung his head back and forth! Blew snot and took off running toward the trailer wide open! The older bull said OH!, He has lost his mind! He will surely be killed! We have got to stop him! They took off after him catching up and said, fellow what are you doing?  Don't you know that thing will kill you? You can't whip him! He is twice your size! Those 50 Cows are not worth dying over!
The young bull said, he can HAVE the 50 cows! I just want to make sure he knows I am a bull too!!!   
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Re: The New Bull. By, Jerry Clower
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