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G'day Folks, just wondering what's flowering in your area? I'm near Keilor and Red Gum along the Maribyrnong is starting up.

Is there any nectar in it?
Do you have bees on it?

Honeycomb king:
Red gum is yielding well, both nectar and pollen , around ararat. Was yielding around whittlesea, same subspecies as kileor area. Although noticed some nectar scarab beetles on it yesterday.  If that scarab beetle is in numbers then forget it, the bees won't touch the red gum. Bees are very clean and the beetle deficates on it. I'll be back to my hives on Wednesday to assess.
Great heading for a forum, hope it kicks off.

Blackberries are flowering up at Trentham, it's going to be interesting to see how they go, we have had little rain so far this season.

Honeycomb king:
Broad leaf peppermint (eucalyptus dives) is flowering in the hills, and is yielding well and often there is black berry around the same area as well. Only yields in the warmer weather, say above 25?c and better when is sunny. As this is a warm year is going well.
Hoping for blue gum later and will check out some sites soon as everything seems to be 3 weeks early this year.


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