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What web hosting service do you like?

I desperately need to switch web hosts -  I currently host one small site with vizaweb and they have been a nightmare for about a year.    Suggestions for an affordable, reliable, web hosting company, with prompt phone and/or email support greatly appreciated. 


I would highly recommend ICDsoft.   I've been with them about 4 years now and they are great.  Phenomenal customer support too.  In fact a while back I wrote about my experience here ->

BTW,  I have no ties other than being a satisfied customer.

I would now recommend Zunibee's hosting.  I have had an account for several months with him and it has been great.  We are currently in the process of moving over as well.  If your looking for hosting check Zunibee out.

Robo, thanks for this.  I am checking them out.  Good support is what I am missing now..

I have one concern about IDCsoft.  I am currently using pHpList for occasional emails to an email list and this was installed   and updated via the web host ...  it looks like I can install it myself at IDCsoft however I don't know that I want to get into this because I'm already at my technical edge.   eeeks! 

I'm not even sure I need pHpList for my emails.  However, what its allows me to do is create a newsletter template, a subscriber page, and manage multiple subscriber lists ....  and to send email to those lists. 

ICDsoft has Ezmlm pre installed as a mail list manager.  I took a quick look at phplist and it shouldn't be an issue to install if you really needed it.  I'm quite familiar with ICDs control panel and could give you a hand if needs be.

I host with They are great and have resonable prices.



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