Making frames for Layens hives.

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Bob Wilson:
All you Layens hives beeks out there.
I'm making some frames.
1. Some plans call for 1 1/8 inch thick bars and some for 1 1/2 inch. What do you all use?
2. How many of you have solid touching bars and how many keep a gap (like langstroth frames) and cover with a cloth?

Bob Wilson:
After doing some research, I am going with 1 1/2 inch wide frames.
I will make them straight, so they touch with no gap, like the langstroth frames have.

In my experimental log hive I made my frames straight so they touched and had no issues due to that. They were no harder to remove than regular frames.

Bob Wilson:
I found that too, Occam. I like how it keeps the brood sealed, but they are harder to separate. The reason behind it, as I understand, is that gaps are not needed because the hive is not vertical, and the bees don't need to pass upward into another box.
I know some beeks use frames with a gap in between, like langstroth, but then they lay a cloth square over the top on the hive, which can be peeled back as needed to expose frames.

Michael Bush:
I would do 1-1/8".  That's what the bees want in the brood nest and they can cover twice as much brood at 1-1/8" rather than 1-1/2".  Ideally I find 1-1/8" in the brood nest and 1-1/2" where the honey is works the best as that's what the bees want to build.


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