This Is Stump Grinding 101

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Ben Framed:
A complete stump ground to shavings in less than a minute!

I?d like to have that machine. My brother and I have been digging out stumps out our soon to be pastures. We have pulled about 20 stumps so far with a backhoe and probably have close to a thousand to go.
Seems like we blow a hydraulic hose almost every other day we are using it. It is an old machine but pretty soon we will have all new hoses.
Some of our stumps are much bigger than that machine can handle. It also does not pull the side roots out. If we didn?t pull them out they will be a problem when I start plowing and discing the fields.
Jim Altmiller

How about this one? Is it big enough, Jim?

Obviously this is a lot slower but there were no hydraulic hoses blown here.  I built this specifically for removing stumps and clearing roots to make a garden.  After you dig around the tree to get the surface roots you use two tractors wrapping chains around the trunk and pulling in opposite directions at the same time.  It cork screws the stump out of the ground.  If the roots are very large you have to get further out away from the stump.  Tie the chains on two apposing roots and do the same thing with the two tractors.  You can generate a whole lot of torque tying out away from the trunk.
The only one I couldn't get was 4 ft in dia. box elder.  They rot quick though if you keep after the suckers.

None of those stumps have roots as big as these Slash Yellow Pin roots that we are removing.
That ripper looks pretty good. I?m going to see if they make one for my 580C. We have to dig at least 6? to release these roots. Pretty sure you cannot do that with just that ripper on the backhoe.
Jim Altmiller


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