Figs coming off

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I love figs but never tasted a big fig worth swallowing til last week when a friend insisted I try a white fig from croasia   best fig ever put in my mouth. and the great thing is he has a small one wid my name on it
figs are great. I wish we had the crops of them you people down south do. Or rather I wish I did. Still I do get to enjoy them plenty, so it's all good. Two words for you people with birds/etc. eating your crops. Bird-X Netting. It works.

BtoB, I'll give that netting a try. This is the first year for my apples starting to make. Out of 3 or 4 dozen I may actually end up with a count of 3. Birds ruint the rest big time.
I cover everything with the stuff, seriously. you can get it in huge sizes for almost anything and it lasts a number of years. so far for me about 7. I use it to cover my grapes, cherry trees, peach, apple, blueberry bushes, and veggie gardens. Signing up for a thing, I got a 50 x 50 ft amount one time for $1.97

Ben Framed:

--- Quote from: GSF on August 12, 2014, 12:01:57 pm ---Figs are starting to come off pretty good around here. Love me some dehydrated figs and some fig preserves. Mix a little bit of honey when you eat the preserves.., on man!

--- End quote ---

I have not tried figs mixed with honey. Sounds like a good combination. Thanks to GSF for posting this .



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