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Hello Members.

As much as I think this map will grow into a great resource for people to find bee/swarm removers in their area quickly - I think I need to ask a favor of any professional apiary who does this sort of thing as part of their services.

Our site is commercial free, yes even this International Mapping should be commecial free BUT that is difficult because of the topic it covers. I ask that if you are contributing to the content of this map and are not a regular content contributing member, that you help the forum is fund raising efforts with a small but helpful contribution.

I've always liked museums who ask for a "Suggested" donation fee for entry - If you are using our map to drum up additional customers to a professional business, then I'd kindly suggest a $10 to $20 contribution to go toward the forum fund - used to purchase software, services, domain names, etc., to keep this commercial free site going into the future.

Please understand - this mapping is the EXCEPTION to the commercial aspect of the forum, not the rule. Until this map, commercial activitities have been stunted because of the backyard beekeping aspect of the site - I'd be happy to see professional apiologists, bee farms and the like to interact with the members rather than just post a bubble here to your business. But whether you are contributing content in posts or getting benefit from the worlds No.1 rated Beekeeping Forum's Swrm Removal Page, I hope you see a gift to help the site ontinue will be a positive thing for everyone.

Here is the link ANYONE can use to contribute funds to Beemaster's International Beekeeping Forum

Of course any member can help our cause using the same address, but I'm asking bigger companies who have found their way here to do the right thing and help this site who has very limited income to work with.

I Agree and sent a small donation, but wasn't able to add my fourm name. Either I missed something or PayPal has changed things?
Just thought I'd mention that.
Gary "GD" Rankin

Not sure what id going on Gary. Nothing in the Paypal account since July 22 and from someone else who I'll be thanking in General Forum. Looking, this post is 7 years old, high-time to rewrite the page. I'm still hoping for an affordable way to accept secure credit payments, that opens the door to all who wish to donate but don't do the Paypal thing.

I don't handle the webring or swarm mapping and I see that the donations page needs some serious updating and that I'll rewrite. We actually have a much higher cost of operations than we had back when that was written, and donations don't exactly fly in - soon it will be out of pocket and I understand it is tough out there, and I totally thank EVERYONE who has donated, many members several times and they all know who they are and I'm incredibly grateful.

I tested the paypal page and had no problems - I'm not sure what your problem may be, whether a username or password issue or what. Good luck and hope it works out - and thanks for your attempt, obviously I wish you success.


Interesting . . .

--- Quote ---Not sure what id going on Gary. Nothing in the Paypal account since July 22
--- End quote ---

My PayPal account shows:
 Payment To

Status    Unclaimed

PayPal recently updated many things on their site, this may or not be one of the things and/or the issue here??? You may need to log in to your account and "accept" the payment?
Just guessing.
Again, it wasn't much, but I know every little bit helps and I appreciate what you guys do, so I wanted to contribute something at least.

Please let me know if you don't get the funds and I'll cancel and try again,
PS. It may show it's from South Six Signs, LLC

I see the problem then, but don't understand how the old donate address showed up for you - the payment at paypal is set for - the is very old and should not appear anywhere. I just sent a payment to the and it work correctly.

I have Paypal set to notify me by a iPhone push message when payments are received, it works flawlessly and I checked records and is was back in July that the last donation was received.

I believe it has been at least 5 years since that email address was changed, if there is a link on the website here you clicked on, please point it out so we can fix it. I apologize for the errors - we did recently move servers and maybe an old page got uploaded somewhere, but I'm only guessing. I clicked the link you posted mind you and it took me to the correct Paypal account.

There is no account - it is the same account which I had changed the account mailing to the address. So no funds should be going anywhere and as you said, you received UNCLAIMED - so no payment went anywhere.

Thanks and please if there is an erroneous page, please post it.



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