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I'm at the point where my annual honey crop is almost certainly more than my family needs, and I'd like to start selling honey.  Most small beekeepers around me just sell through Facebook, but I'm relatively new to the area and I don't think I really have the connections to make something like that work.  I'm too busy to farmers market, and even without the COVID situation, I'm not super into interacting with strangers, so that's probably out.  I've been looking into Etsy, since selling online would probably be most convenient for me, but I'm a little worried about the market being saturated.  How do you all sell your honey?  Any tips for selling online?  Any experience or advice appreciated. 

Ben Framed:
Marketing in the key. I am
Sending a PM to you.

We sell eggs & honey. Lots of eggs. A few hundred lbs of honey - per season. We are working to improve the honey output.

Here's our sales route for both:
1) Family & Friends. Our friends have friends too. And their friends have friends. Word gets around.
2) "Next door" website. Place an add - people contact you. We sell above 50 dozen eggs a week.
3) farmers markets. I'm not user-friendly with people/customers. I don't have to be. ... all I have to do is find sellers at the markets who want to add a revenue stream. This allows me to sell at multiple markets each weekend - while sitting peacefully at home. (Honey/eggs were delivered to the sellers during the week prior).
4) local "privately owned" stores/markets. There's not many of them left, but I've found a few. Every one of them is begging me to bring honey in, and put it on their shelves.

Everyone I've worked with as resellers - wants 25%. I do not adjust my prices (I'm not greedy, so my prices are already "low" by local standards). They all buy the eggs and honey at my market rate - and then re-sell them. About 30 dozen of the eggs go to the farmers markets, that I know of.

Some good tips there, Alan, thanks. 

We sell most of our honey to friends from my wife?s work, my work also until I retired, she stops in and visits every week. We also do a Baker Christmas street sale, a Baker County swap meet and other sales at local events. We also have a lot of repeat sales from customers at these events. I also have magnet signs on my truck that we get some sales from.


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