Possible source of rapid apiary increase, useful videos ?


Just noticed this section, not my area as just starting and I only want my two hives.
This guy has been very informative and I remembered his fractional splits (whatever they are in practice) video 

In general he is restarting commerical keeping having moved location.  May be useful to people considering the same. 

I found his general information useful as he is a TF keeper, how I found his videos, which is most unusual in a commercial setting.  May be of use to those starting out as he, as he points out, is an experienced keeper starting again and documenting his progress with the benefit of past experience.

I see you posted this a year ago but thank you.  I hope to get setup building my own woodenware this winter and then doing some splits next year.  I may not start out with fractional splits right off but it's a convincing method to look at a little more.


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