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little john:
Up until now I've been making frames one at a time - a relaxed winter job in front of the fire ... 

However, I'm now going into nuc production and need several hundred of them asap. So, need a jig. BUT - none of the designs on the web filled me with much enthusiasm .... that is, until I found this brilliant idea:

And then I discovered that it's the brainchild of someone on here, and the subject of a thread way back in 2012.
Well - I reckon it deserves another airing, and maybe should even be made a sticky.

Right now I'm just waiting for some bungee cord to arrive. :smile:

Many thanks, Hardwood.


Michael Bush:
Not a bad system.  If you hold the "box" together with the bungee cords, you can pull the sides of the box out rather than having to pull each frame off.  I have the Walter T. Kelley one that uses springs to hold the ends, but after you are done they fall off pretty easily.

If I were making one, it would probably be this one:

little john:
Hello Michael - we're singing on the same hymn sheet regarding frame removal - which could benefit from improvement.

This is a worksheet showing what I'm planning (for British National deeps) - as you suggest, held together by the bungee cords:

One problem I face is that frame wood thickness varies a little between various suppliers - so I intend fitting removable shims (in blue) to accomodate that variation. With those shims removed, the frames should slide off much more easily.


It has been a long since we have heard from Scott Hardwood. His house burned down and he was building a new one in a new location that didn't have internet.
Has anyone heard from Scott or Peggy?

I found Scott and Peggy's number and called them.
They are still working on building their house. They are in good health and working their bees.
Scott has lots of videos that when he gets back on he will start uploading.
I can't wait to view them. They makes great bee removal videos. If you want to see a good one, here is their Beelining Video.
For some reason it is not copying properly but you can copy it and do a search from the home page to see it.


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