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For those that sell their honey using an LLC, what should I expect for an annual LLC maintenance fee or cost?

For those that carry liability insurance to cover the sale of honey to the public, what should I expect for annual insurance costs for what level of coverage?

There are too many variables involved to be able to give an answer...especially with the gen liability. Rates vary from county to county/ State to State and the LLC depends on how it is set up. It's best to talk to your insurance agent and accountant.


Look into a farm policy. Check with an agent,they will tell you about coverage and cost.Beekeeping is an agricultural pursuit.

These guys are 100% right. Regarding the insurance, it depends on which agency you will choose. You need to document this matter since the fees differ from state to state.
You need to think about an office that will be your physical and as well juridical address. You can search for some coworking spaces prices, for example, on
Make a business plan, understand what potential your business has. You need to be prepared for all kinds of situations and, of course, to consult with a specialist that opened at least one LLC.

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