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Depends ben.

If she was as perfect as you would apparently be, she would double down and say she never makes a mistake.  Has somebody ask her?  That was a lot of typing you did for something that can happen to every one who's every word is being obsessed on.  About along the same tactic that was used on Amy Coney beret for saying having babies is not hard on a woman.
Glad I am not watched so close.  I would give people lots of things to obsess over as I am sure most would, maybe even you.
THE COFFEE HOUSE ((( SOCIAL - ROOM ))) / Re: News from our friends down under
« Last post by Kathyp on January 19, 2022, 11:27:20 pm »
Will get back on messenger for another chat one day Kathy but I just dont seem to sync with US  west coast times.
  Cheers to y'all,  Geoff.

That's OK but feel free to call any time.  I don't sync well with my own time!   :cheesy:

One of the big COVID docs in Israel said that Omicron and prior infections gave better immunity than vaccines and boosters so tell your son that to make him feel better  :wink:
THE COFFEE HOUSE ((( SOCIAL - ROOM ))) / Re: News from our friends down under
« Last post by Geoff on January 19, 2022, 11:14:28 pm »

    Spoke to him this morning Kathy and is a lot better today. Otherwise the rest of us are OK and probably lucky that there has only been one known family member who has contacted the virus. Will get back on messenger for another chat one day Kathy but I just dont seem to sync with US  west coast times.
  Cheers to y'all,  Geoff.
What do you think? Is he accurate?

THE COFFEE HOUSE ((( SOCIAL - ROOM ))) / Re: Made in China
« Last post by Jim 134 on January 19, 2022, 10:32:07 pm »
    I had very good experience with China Made in the USA... When I moved to the Philippines.4 years ago. Many things from China are nothing but junk... I believe the manufacturers send all their rejects. To the Philippines.. Or have a complete different product line. For 3rd world countries..  This also goes for electronics.. Down to kitchen forks, knives and spoon's I hope you have a good day.

             BEE HAPPY  Jim134   :smile:
THE COFFEE HOUSE ((( SOCIAL - ROOM ))) / Re: What?s Cookin?
« Last post by .30WCF on January 19, 2022, 09:04:30 pm »

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THE COFFEE HOUSE ((( SOCIAL - ROOM ))) / Re: When will the ignorant get smart
« Last post by Ben Framed on January 19, 2022, 08:46:15 pm »
You know that her clerks are responsible for putting that all together for her and someone really messed up.

Yes that is a huge problem. Is it not her 'job' and 'responsibility' to do diligent research, (herself), 'along with' her aids, not just rely on one side of a position, or what ever is pitched to her? Shouldn't she seek all avenues of enlightenment, seeking all 'facts'?  Seeking all truth? Wouldn't we, and shouldn't we think it is indeed her responsibility? Isn't the responsibility of a Supreme Court Justice, far to large, far to great to do otherwise, or accept anything less, as in this case?

I would think any case which is important enough, which is large enough, to be brought to the highest court in Our Land deserves nothing less, the American Citizens deserve no less? Shouldn't She seek every avenue available to her, before reaching or making any decision, or making any statement? Especially untrue statements while in the middle of Court hearings? Or reacting on, or relaying on false hear say information from clerks or aids, before checking the facts for herself as she clearly demonstrated she 'did not do' in this instance? That goes for the rest of them as well! Shouldn't The Constitution be first an foremost on their minds? Isn't that part of their OATH TO AMERICA? 

It is my opinion that if she can not be trusted to do so, as in this example; Shouldn't 'she' immediately resign her 'TRUSTED' position? Shouldn't she have resigned already? Without being asked? Do you trust her? Can she ever be trusted again in the capacity of 'Supreme' 'Court' 'Justice'? Where are our leaders from both sides of the isle on this? Where are our leaders from 'any side' of the isle on this? Shouldn't they 'all' be in unisons on this clear example of what can easily be classified as incompetence? Hum

THE COFFEE HOUSE ((( SOCIAL - ROOM ))) / Re: Made in China
« Last post by salvo on January 19, 2022, 06:31:15 pm »
Hi Folks, JW,

Last summer I mentored a newbee, Asian/American by the way. His mother never let me leave without some food, dumplings, soup mmmmmmm.

He originally bought new USA equipment, then he bought new equipment from China. All sources had slight differences in measurement. the China woodenware had the best fit and finish (he got them all assembled), but thinner wood stock. I feel it will not last as long as the USA milled woodenware. New England has harsh winters.

My wife and I bought a living room chandelier made in China, not inexpensive, very intricate and detailed. Excellent! We could not have obtained something like this manufactured anywhere else for near the quality unless custom created.

That being said, I wish my country could provide much more for us than they do. I also am concerned about working conditions and worker general well-being in your country. I worry about your standards of living. I worry about your freedoms. Yeah! I got something nice,... but who made it and how do they live? I am concerned and upset about those Human Plastinated Cadavers, and who, outside of the medical field, goes to see them.

Anywayyyy... Welcome to the forums,

GREETINGS/TELL US ABOUT YOURSELF / Re: Hello and greetings from China
« Last post by salvo on January 19, 2022, 06:05:24 pm »
Hi JacksonWong, "JW"

Welcome to the States. Big smiles here.  :grin:

I saw your post in Coffee House earlier. Please don't think that forum is representative of the entire USA.  :cheesy:

I'm sure you'll have fun. How old are you? I'm just lately realizing that there are some beekeepers younger than 63 years old.

Are you proficient in English, or do you use a translation app?

Sal, Salvo, Salvatore.
« Last post by Oldbeavo on January 19, 2022, 05:22:39 pm »
Basically a migratory bee keeper, we use a ute and trailer with 50 hives per load.
Bees are Wintered in a dry warm, 12-15 C, area about 200 mile from home. They go there in late Autumn and spend all wither there.
August 1 they go to almonds for 4 weeks, then about half go to cherries for 4-5 weeks, balance come home to canola.
Most strong hives are split for swarm control, this produces nucs for sale in late Spring.
After cherries and canola the bees are on the road to where ever the trees are blossoming, mainly eucalyptus
Our configuration of hives is very basic, full depth 8 frame, single brood box, queen excluders, plastic foundation in wooden frames and the use of bee escapes/ clearer boards to remove harvest honey. We run 230 wooden hives and 120 poly Paradise hives.
Mainly run as doubles, for lifting of full supers and for weight for transport.
Marketing of honey is through Farmer Markets, canola is wholesaled to big packers.

In our general area our configuration of hives is common though some run 10 frames. A few BK's are running WSP honey supers just for lower weight
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