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Title: Nascar The Game 2011
Post by: Shep1478 on January 31, 2011, 08:20:59 am
For those of you that loved the game Nascar Racing 2003, you know the public servers shut down not long ago, and there's only a few people dedicated enough to operate their own servers for the die-hards. 2003 was a (well, still is..) awesome racing game! I miss the people I raced with and chatted with on Vent   :'(

Anyways, there's still hope! 

Eutechnyx and Activision have teamed up to release a new Nascar Game!  Although it'll only be released on Consoles at this time, there is a chance that they'll develop it for PC too. The release date was to coincide with the Daytona 500 on Feb 15th, but they've moved the release date to March 29th now. There is no release date set for the PC version, but I believe it'll be down loadable content, most likely from STEAM.

Many of the original cast from Payparus are engineers for this platform, so it'll be interesting as to how much like 2003 this game will be in regards to allowing you to configure your own setups, paint schemes..etc..etc..

I'm looking VERY forward to this release and hopeful it'll be much like 2003, but on steroids with the graphics! The rumors for this game is the only reason I even bought a PS3 console. But now that I've gamed with it; WOW!  Also, another big point for me to go with the PS3 was the fact I can attach one of my Steering Wheels to it too for my driving games, although I have to admit I'm getting used to the controller these days.   :roll:

Here's the webpage: (
Watch the introduction video.. That alone will have you hooked!

Title: Re: Nascar The Game 2011
Post by: buzzbeejr on January 31, 2011, 07:19:26 pm
I saw this a month or so ago.  Im crossing my fingers for something for the PC too.   I saw its going to be for wii too, but its just not the same lol.
Title: Re: Nascar The Game 2011
Post by: beemaster on February 07, 2011, 04:56:19 pm
Sorry it took so long for me to post. Everyone hear interested knows I'm a level 7 Nascar 2003 Ranked Driver. I put thousands of laps using Forced feedback wheel and yes up to 43 whopping drivers on line or just a few and as many as you need computer drivers that join the real drivers on the net.

I still amazed when I think.... At the beginning of each race, all the real people from EVERYWHERE says something in text like "Good luck from Madrid" or a "Drive Safe" from Cape Hope.

I've seen the trailers and the PLAYBACK MODE is EXCEPTIONAL but the graphics from in the car are kinda suped up 2003 graphics. I would love to play this, I guess I'll have to get a Wii wheel, although I'm looking for one that will do Wii and PC.

I would love to get a forum racing team together - how sweet would that be! Even if no one in the race knew it but us! Race TEAMS win races. I know Buzzbeejr is very interested.

Once the forum had a fellow I raced with regularly who paid over $400 just for a BRAKE for Nascar 2003. That's how good it is/was people. I hope they can at least equal or better the Racing Physics of 2003. If they do that, you'll have fun.

Gonna be nice on a HOSTED SERVER AGAIN. We'll hook up when we can.

I have a few new ideas for paint schemes so watch out, I think you'll be amazed. There are old paint themes on my 222 car here (

I'm likely spend a good dollar on the wheel and live with the Wii. I don't like Wii accessories in general, too cheaply made, the tennis rackets and such. By the way, this link is one (I hope) of the most insightful Nascar Sim articles you will ever read. Said Humbly - lol.

Come on Nascar 2011! Can' wait to see Youtube videos from the general public, a lot of people take making "how to" videos and great race demos. Peace.

Title: Re: Nascar The Game 2011
Post by: buzzbeejr on February 07, 2011, 08:34:54 pm
Heck ya I'd be interested lol.  Did I see you said your sticking with the wii for this one O.o...I never thought you'd say that lol
Title: Re: Nascar The Game 2011
Post by: buzzbeejr on February 07, 2011, 08:37:50 pm
Oh, hey John...What would you suggest for a pedal/ wheel set up?
Title: Re: Nascar The Game 2011
Post by: beemaster on February 07, 2011, 11:07:02 pm
Josh, I so need to do homework on the wheel for the Wii - but yes, that is the platform I will be getting the Nascar game for AFTER reviews come out.
Title: Re: Nascar The Game 2011
Post by: buzzbeejr on August 01, 2011, 07:27:03 pm
did anyone get this game?  If so how is it and what  system do you have it for?   I'm thinking about going out to get it but dont wanna waste 50 bucks if its a dud.