Length of FORUM INTROS (poll)


Hi Everyone:

I look at many Forums on the net ALWAYS trying to improve our own and I notice MANY keep the DELTAILED INTRO to EACH FORUM down to about 1 short, maybe two lines at best - the only things I think this does is:

1) Make scrolling the home page a bit smaller
2) Give the impression the forum isn't that large or better put CONTENT rich

I have fairly detailed intros so that members have a better idea how to choose WHICH FORUM to post certain questions or material in.

Which would you rather see, current detailed forum intros or one-liners giving a short description?

NOTE: if scrolling is too much, EACH "CATEGORY" that is the term describing a BLOCK of FORUMS under a similar header (we have 4 CATEGORIES)

3) ALMOST BEEKEEPING - related Topics

each has several FORUMS in it. The header of each group of forums is the Category title. Just hope that helps with terminology. CATEGORIES that DO NOT INTEREST YOU can be MINIMIZED so that you only see the Category header (say you don't want the ALMOST BEEKEEPING CATEGORIE - that is 3 forums you need not scroll down. NOTE: posts from these forums STILL SHOW UP in the "POSTS SINCE LAST VISITED" feature at the top of the screen near your avatar, so you won't miss anything.

The INTRO PART is strictly a FORUM thing, but I hate to make them too short, it soon becomes necessary to move posts, leave shadow posts in the original forum (so people can find their original post) and now we have 2 of the same posts in different forum - it just create confusion.

I could surely trim the wording, but ONE LINE intros is a tough wording choice and personally I don't find it as interesting or attractive a look.

So I ask you your opinions. I'm just judging how you preceive the forum, no making any change necessarilly, I'm just looking for member input.

Lastly: when I post a poll, I'm honestly hoping that you take the time to respond - even if I get long winded explaining the poll, it still should take no more than a few minutes to get through it. This feedback is of GREAT HELP in the long-term outlook of the forum and how you and I surf it. With the greater options in this new forum, we can continually customize it to best use your time while here. It is to your benefit to join in polls whenever possible WHETHER those from me, mods or other members.

A last note would be that the POLLING FEATURE in the new software here has a great option the previous one did not: you can opt that responders to your poll can choose MORE THAN ONE CHOICE - literally as many choices as options in the polls. In the old poll, I struggled to constantly fit totally independant choices, but now you can choose more than one (if the poll maker chooses that option) and better answer a question WITHOUT having to choose from multiple choices that best explain your opinion.

So, please participate in polls, it means a lot to anyone creating the poll and the feed back tells all of us a lot about our Beekeeping Community.


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