Web Video I created for everyone to see


The link below will take you to a file that you watch using Windows MEdia Player, Winamp and Real Player - I call it The Hindenburg Crashsite Revisited almost 70 years later.

Our Austrilian buddy (one of many from down under) Geoff sent me a wonderful book filled with illustrations of the great airship.

I waited for a stormy day and took my new camcorder to the actual site on Lakehurst Navy Base where the 804 ft monster Lighter than air Craft came to a firey rest on May 6th, 1937 - killing 36 aboard of the passengers and crew of 99.

This short film is about as compressed as I want to go and still give you something quality to watch. I am getting good at editing too - this is my second attempt and the production seems much nicer than the first.

A final historical note: in 1936 the Hindenburg successfully came from Germany to Lakehurst 12 times, it was the maden voyage of 1937 when she came to the resting spot shown in detail in this short film.

Durigibles were used as  PASSENGER TRANSPORT, it allowed the 34 passengers who traveled aboard the opertunity to get to the United States in 2.5 days vs. the TWO WEEKS a cruise ship would take, and there were simply no PASSENGER AIRPLANE had crossed the Atlantic until many years later.

So getting to the United states was 2 weeks coming and 2 weeks returning by cruise ship - a full month aboard a ship or make the same two-way trip in 5 days aboard the Hindenburg - which allowed you weeks of extra vacation time here in the States over cruise ship travel of the day.

Here is the link to my 7 minute short film explaining a little bit about Navy Lakehurst and its role in changing passenger - based lighter than air flight forever.

Forgive my crude film making style - I'm new with the camera :)

great film John.  do another soon.


I really enjoyed watching it!  Have you thought more about making a beekeeping   course using video?

Quietly chants

"Bee video, bee video, bee video...."

Its very good, but you should try getting a movie creator, and you can upload photos that you want so its not as shaky, and we can see al the things you want all you have to do is film... and then talk at home!

Just a sudgestion!


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