Beemaster 2015 - a new look, easier to navagate, image storage and more.

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Well, it is time to start cluing you all in on the changes coming to Beemaster Forums for 2015.

I have made a few hints here and there and now is the right time to announce we are upgrading to the Latest version of the forum software we currently use. They have made the important buttons you push, like post, reply, etc, more pronounced and the layout is slicker using a color palette near the classic brown and tan colors.  for those of you who have used our The updated forum will be going into effect soon, so you may see some short downtime - but you will see great improvements in the look of the forum when done.

This includes new logos, post and no post buttons - a major look but easier to maneuver interface. The unburdened software is much smaller and more logical then prior. The current version we use has been trimmed down and faster.

We will also have "Member Image Storage" ON-SITE: no more imageshack types of issues. Keep a copy of all your beekeeping photos right here in one place. Many other improvements we'll cover soon!

And even more announcements - stay tunes and join us welcoming in 2015 with a new look and many more features.

Sounds really good, looking forward to seeing it in action.

Yes looking forward to the updates  :-D

Yes, we're tweaking and moving things about to make the interface as natural as a forum can be.. As said, most people use the check new post since last visited option or the reply to my posts choice - these two are easily featured next to your username when logged in.

If you are familiar and like our classic honey and wood color scheme, then this is a cleaner looking, easy to navigate version.

This is happening soon - I can only warn members that if you cannot connect to Beemaster, then it is likely the software and files being put in service. We tested the smf2 which has been out for awhile, but there have been updates and tweaks, now it looks ready for us to apply it.

I really like the member image storage that is coming - locally hosting the images you share takes away from the forum having to post images from elsewhere and although we haven't totally figured out the
Limit of storage per member, tossing ideas around, but it's an exciting time.

Richard M:
Hi Beemaster - it looks really good - well done!


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