What Do You Consider Your Most Interesting Cutout?


Ben Framed:
What is your most memorable cutout? I suppose we all have one that sticks out in our memory. My most rewarding was my very first cutout. I had been preparing for quiet some time. Watching videos and studying here at beemaster.  Not only was this to be my first cutout, but also my first bees! Everything went pretty much as planned. The host was very kind as well. She was a RN. She and her children were very interested in the process and complementary of work and bee handling.  The children enjoyed the fresh honey comb bites that came straight from the bees!

The location of the bees were a few feet above my reach so a ladder was a must but no problem. They were located in the corner of the home beneath lap siding where it was met with Stone. Luckily the hive it self was contained beneath the siding and not the stone. Beside receiving a few stings things went well. It was a good day all around.



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