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I believe this has merit. Have you ever looked up in the sky and seen the long trail left behind by an airplane? Most folks think it's a condensation trail (con-trail). However a lot of them seems to linger for hours, not only linger but get larger (like spraying great stuff). More and more folks are calling these Chemical trails (chem trails). Ever since, and maybe before WWII, the US govt, and others, have seen the need to control the weather. The conspiracy is that this is the testing or completion of it. It's almost global. Supposedly these planes aren't on that plane tracking website either.

Lets talk about condensation trails. They are made up when warm or hot air is exposed to cooler air. If you watch the skies long enough you'll see that the trail behind a lot of planes will only be so long and disappear as the plane travels. That's what condensation does, if it didn't the air we exhale in the winter would hang around for a lot longer.

Sometimes I listen to a local conspiracy show Saturday nights when I'm out in my shed. The host tells of the chemicals they're using and also how soil tests now compared to years ago shows a significant increase in said chemicals.

He also thinks that the "zero population" crowd may be behind it. What's your take?

Given the number of people involved in flying and maintaining airplanes, it would be impossible to keep the secret.

Remember, it is the regular commercial jet traffic during the day that people report leaving these nefarious clouds behind them.  A secret undocumented and untracked fleet of aircraft that that fly only at night to spray chemicals would be more believable.

The reason for the long trails is from planes at the corridor limit and temps there at or below freezing. The vapors turn to ice crystals and hang in above the inversion layers. They can stay there for hours until the levels are disturb.

That's why on very calm clear days they last so long. Have seen this during my many flights to the Caribbean on lear jets ( caught flights with pilot friends ) have even  circled back thru them and seen the ice hitting the windshields on cockpits.



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I posted that link to show chemtrails aren't a new idea. It wouldn't surprise me if the reports were true. It could, in part, explain why global temps have recently fallen while CO2 emissions continue to rise. That is after all the intended effect.

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