Double Cut saw

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Anyone else played with one. I got one the other day because I feel the vibratory saws are too slow. I find it pretty cool got it from harbor freight for 49 I think. I dont like the trigger its hard to work but it keeps you from turning it on by accident. 

D Coates:
Can you add a link so we can see what your talking about?

Reason I like it is you can use it as a plunge saw with no kick back

there is a video on the harbor freight site

This is a basic demo

This is the most extreme

Mike, where have you been dude? If you haven't bought this saw yet, get you a multi-tool from H.F. Ask Schawee or Emil if they would use anything else on wood floors, soffits, etc...

When I purchased my first one, my sawzall, rotozip & skill saw just about became obsolete. Best tool for the money, hands down!


I burned out a multi tool this year they are cool but they take a while to cut threw, and I had one this year with like 5 old piece of wood siding to cut this year no way I would have used that multi tool. So I yanked out the skill saw and darn near took off my hand with the kick back but got the job done in seconds. The double cut wont kick back and will also eat threw nails and any thing less it touches. I also have found the fun of getting a multi tool in a nail lol.

Not saying the double cut is the greatest thing on earth I still have a multi tool I just added the double cut to the list that I bring. I really think you should check one out the blades are thin too cut couldn't be any thicker than a skill saw cut.


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