Below ground Locating

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I believe it is a electro magnetic disruption of some sort. I also use two rods. Mine are brazing rods without flux, bent to a 90 degree angle. When I cross over anything buried, I get a slight electric tingle in my hands, from the rods, and they turn inward.
Have you heard of people that find buried gold and silver using infrared photography? They claim the buried metels create an anomoly from the magnetic reactions with the sun. They say the more activity on the sun, the easier it is to detect.

My dad can 'water witch' too. Its amazing to watch. He uses a forked branch and you can see the bark twist off the wood as it turns down.

I use to find water lines with 2 pieces of #4 bare copper wire, but we don't do to much digging anymore with the construction bust.   The last couple of times, I just grabbed 2 of the plastic locater flags that they mark the underground utilities with.   Just pull the plastic flag off and bent the wire.   Bingo.  People think you are crazy using them, but they work.   


New to the forum but didn't see any further discussion on dowsing and thought I'd add a thing or two that can bring the relevance dowsing to beekeeping.
While most folks recognize the fact it works for water witching there is a whole lot of other energy fields we can measure with dowsing. One of these is in fact of huge importance to the bees and their stewards. There are energy lines that circulate electromagnetic force on t he earth and north of the equator they move from south to north and west to east. These are called Hartmann lines. They vary slightly based on latitude but are essentially 3 meters wide. The closer tot h e equator the wider and to the pole smaller.
Wherein these lines are easily detected using rods or whatever you chose here's the interesting thing I found.
Ever wonder why in a strip of hives one is doing really really well with many supers on top and others are not even close. Well me too! After a small sampling of 20 or so apiaries I noticed a trend of major production occurring when the hives were on at lease one of the lines and even more so when a hive was located on both a north and east line.  Further within my own apiary I have moved less productive hives to a grid point and have been quite satisfied with the rebound and increase both in health and output. Now I make no claims that this is the end all solution but I will say there is a phenomena occurring here that is worthy of quite a bit more research. I am curious for those of you that dowse or have a friend that dowses if you would let me know if you are observing the same in your continent and location. For the skeptics dowsing does indeed work and is an ancient art. Unfortunately there are quite a few flakes out there with notions that are not based in any science or deeper understanding of electromagnetic fields and earth science. Probably best to just learn to do it yourself and see what you see. It is a birthright as opposed to some hocus locus skill.  The key is To just stay relaxed and focused on what you are looking for " this case just focus on Hartmann energy lines. Find them and start to make a grid and see for yourself.

Thanks to all the great posters here and for the forum moderators.


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