How do Flying Saucers deal with such G-Force?

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     I believe I am familiar with most or all of your "darkside" postings, and have read your "out of body" post, department, or whatever. I find nothing contrary to my experience other than possibly that "thought speed" is faster than "light speed".  In my observations, it doesn't seem to be.  (now, I am talking about the speed of TRAVEL, not the time between thinking of something and it's coming to fruition )  I no longer actively try very hard to achieve the "out of body" state, as the possibilities frighten me.

     Forty or so years ago when I was studying witchcraft, I was lying on my bed concentrating on my boss's sore toe, trying to make it better and sort of dropped off to sleep. I felt and saw my body tumbling through the night sky ending up at his house,where he appeared to be doing his laundry in a sort of breezeway between his house and garage.  I could see him clearly, but he couldn't see me.  This was my first such experience, and I was delighted.  My first thought was "I wonder if I can pass through the wall,"  and I found myself circling out one wall and back in through another The second was of an involuntary nature, as I didn't want to set his house on fire but wondered if it was in my powers to do so in that condition.  I had no more than thought the question, than I was engulfed in flames.  I returned to consiousness screaming "put it out! "put it out"!

     When my heart stopped racing and my breathing became normal, I gradually convinced myself that it was nothing more than a bad dream. Next night at work I noticed my boss absent, and inquired as to why.  It seems that he had experienced a completely unexplained fire in the part of his house where I had seen it, and at the exact time.

     In fairly recent years, I achieved the ability, at least ocassionally, to control my dreams; to fly etc. There was a hill from which I could "fly" to some buildings almost indiscernible in the distance.  I did so and peered into the windows, but was disappointed to find that I was CREATING the contents!  No fun in that, so I stopped.

     There seems no way to benefit from such "supernatural" factors, and they may be troublesome, so why bother?


Brian D. Bray:
On this subject I will have to agree with ayyon2157 in this context:
--- Quote ---I find nothing contrary to my experience other than possibly that "thought speed" is faster than "light speed". 
--- End quote ---

In the Out of Body, or spiritual, existance though spend is instantainious whereas light speed is immensily slower.  Whether the point of travel is 1, 100, 1000 miles are to the next planet or star the mere thought of wanting to be someplace can put us there. 

The report about the fire is indictative of the power man, as spiritual beings, over the elements of the universe.  It is a power that physical man is either unaware of or refuses to acknowledge, at least to the extent of being able to influence things and events.

It is this power that "primative" shaman envoked to give or receive spiritual guidence in the matters of healing, propehtic pronouncements, pending catastophies, etc.

  Ever see the antics of a kids RC toy truck or car. They are clearly, more or less, under intelligent control yet make movements no person could survive.
  As most UFO's that make the sudden changes are seen as just lights or small objects it would be plausible that they are remote controled as well.
  On the subject, does anyone know of a forum where UFO's and the like are discussed without alot of ridicule? 

     Good point Wayne about the remote control.  It could well be a creature with weight and mass playing with a joystick (like our Mars rovers) or more likely in my opinion an intelligent creature having an"out of body " experience.  When "out of body" I haven't seemed to have weight and things seemed (except for returning to my body) to occur instantly. (When stationed in France, I often had OOB experiences where I was back in Indiana.  Just enough awareness remained in my body to alert me if I needed to return.  If someone tried to wake me up it felt like a long elastic string connected "me" with the rest of my body, and that it pulled and guided me back.  This seemed to take two or three seconds, after which a minor jolt occurred and I was back "whole" )

As to a website, while not specifically an ufo site, try  "REALITY TEST".  Nice people (with the possible exception of myself who has been called a cynic) If you join, be particularly considerate of persons of delicate mental balance.




Sounds like you agree mostly that thought speed is a real thing, is it instantaneous or has an actual speed that may be measured someday is questionable.

I think chemical intervention is the best way to provoke OBE, although we likely don't have a perfect concoction that does exactly what you want to do (and that is put the person in the OBE state) then it is a matter of the person learning to master the OBE control.

But if you can get into a OBE State nearly at will (medicated or natural) then you get lots of practice to master the art form of traveling both where and when you want.

It is interesting to me to see if travel can travel into the future and it remains the same future, not one that changes as it would in a dream. I'm sure that time works in all directions,, forward, back and parallel existences.

Most importantly, it is instantaneous (or near so) travel anywhere and I assume that it will answer a lot of scientific and spiritual questions - the problem will be skeptics will never buy it - even of you could project it so others can witness is, more people than not would still debunk it as images created by a drugged brain and check it off as fantasy at best.

Of course, both the US and Russians have spent hundreds of millions during and I'm sure since the Cold War to master it - but we don't overly have a detailed account except by people like Major Ed Dames who was called Patient ONE in the US OBE Experiments to try and infiltrate Russian war room meetings, find missile bases and such.

I think we need an evolutionary change (as mentioned: the next age of man posts of mine) I think MAN will adapt the ability eventually, it seems like a natural progression in our growth. But I still think exploring deep space with unmanned craft and continued radio broadcast and receptions, even though I don't understand why we think other civilizations use radios to communicate - we sooooo need to get "out of the box" with our thinking.


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