How do Flying Saucers deal with such G-Force?

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 I'm not sure time travel to the future will ever be possible. If one believes in pre-destination maybe, but if you believe in the butterfly effect then the future is shaped moment by moment by the miriad decisions made by the people of the planet.
  Until a decision is made many paths branch from each tiny decision we may make and the future can change based on each path.

Not to revert back to conventional thinking but.......

doesn't the brain work by electrical pulses sent through neurons?  Electricity moves at or near the speed of light and you could deduce that thought moves at the speed of light.  From other threads it is pretty unanimous that the speed of light is not fast enough for galactic travel.

As for G forces in a flying saucer I would have to hypothesis that when bending light and space matter does not maintain the same properties.  So I would suggest that the inhabitants and the vehicle would convert to a more of a plasma state and hence g-force may not be applicable.

Some of you guys are kind of rough on the ole Beemaster.  Yea he's a weird dude with some wild thoughts and experiences but that is why we like him.  Who among us can throw the first stone?

On another note.  Did anyone see my post on Obama announcing that we have made contact with aliens after the first of the year?  I didn't know if I should post it in this section or the coffee house.      

  Reports like this have come out several times in the past. Very often close to the premier of a new Sci-Fi movie on ETs.  In almost every case so far the disclosure hinges on "Nothing going wrong".  Then the source claims that something DID go wrong and that all bets are off.
  On the same note I saw a report this week that John Kennedy was killed by the military because he wanted to disclose the secret UFO files from Blue Book and Roswell to the public.
  Think about it. The same people who lost the secret to the A-Bomb, who can't keep spys out of ANY agency, can't keep teen aged kids out of the government computers, can't account for zillions of dollars, who have lost about half the moon rocks they brought back, and who couldn't even get rid of a blue dress, are supposed to keep a secret like this for decades. Really?
  Sorry I don't buy it.
  The way I see it there are 3 possibilities about old ET. One he is benivolent and only wants to help us. Sorry, but if that was true they wouldn't waste time talking to hippies in the desert, they would hang over a city and get our attention. And I've heard that "we only want to help" line from my OWN people and I don't trust them either.
  Second they are hostile in which case they would just squash us and get on with it.
  And third, which I believe, they don't give a darn about us one way or another. If they come here at all it's like a tour plane buzzing a native village in the bush to see the natives in their quaint huts.
  Nope, I don't think they have anything really surprising to disclose.

Brian D. Bray:

--- Quote from: beemaster on November 18, 2009, 02:44:17 pm ---Brian:

Sounds like you agree mostly that thought speed is a real thing, is it instantaneous or has an actual speed that may be measured someday is questionable.
--- End quote ---

How fast is a thought?  If you can go from here to Neptune between the moment you begin to think of wanting to be there and finished thinking the thought how fast is that?
If you are into OOBT you should be very aware of thought travel.  I can do it when I want to, and yes I've been off world, but prolonged trips are exhausting (tiime/distance) and there is really enough here on earth to keep a person occupied.  Most of my OOBE has been in relation to my function as a Keylally.

--- Quote ---I think chemical intervention is the best way to provoke OBE, although we likely don't have a perfect concoction that does exactly what you want to do (and that is put the person in the OBE state) then it is a matter of the person learning to master the OBE control.

But if you can get into a OBE State nearly at will (medicated or natural) then you get lots of practice to master the art form of traveling both where and when you want.
--- End quote ---

Chemical intervention or dependence to achieve anything is a good way to loose your soul.  If you can't achieve OOBE without chemical stimulous you shouldn't be doing it at all, the chemicals can cloud your mind enough to allow bad things to happen.

--- Quote ---It is interesting to me to see if travel can travel into the future and it remains the same future, not one that changes as it would in a dream. I'm sure that time works in all directions,, forward, back and parallel existences.
--- End quote ---

Prognostication requires the ability to travel to the future to some extent.  The visions I recieved about the volcano eruptions were such.  In it I was poitioned as if I were on the International Space Station, looking down upon the upper Pacific Ocean.  I then saw 3 valcanos erupt in a sequence of one near Anchorage, 1 further out on the alutions and the 3rd on a island in russian territory. I saw several other catastrophies occuring that would affect the western United States over the next several years, I just wasn't given exact dates.  Exact dates were an exactitude that even escaped John the Revelator, Nostradomus, and the Mayans, to name a few.
Travels to the future also involve Deja Vu, where the reliving of a moment in time occurs, sometimes as dreamt and sometimes differt which is that something caused you to either accept or change your mind about what should be done about the subjected concerned.  It is in this way that we change the probable future. The future can be changed by mere individual actions and a single individual can make a huge difference in world events, if they so chose,  History is the result of man's ommission or commission to act.

There is so much of the universe that is interwoven, that man has little concept of.  Man, in his spiritual state has the power of gods, in his physical state he too often declares ignorance of god.  OOBE is only a part is as is prognostication, healing, and the list includes every thing you can think off.  Here's a thought for you, in this last dispensation of mortal man on earth beings are being sent to earth with knowledge from the Omnipitant Library of Knowledge (the place the gods store their knowledge) in order to advance civilzation to the point of self-distruction, aka the World Appocolypse, on a timeline decreed by the crator of our physical world.

--- Quote ---Most importantly, it is instantaneous (or near so) travel anywhere and I assume that it will answer a lot of scientific and spiritual questions - the problem will be skeptics will never buy it - even of you could project it so others can witness is, more people than not would still debunk it as images created by a drugged brain and check it off as fantasy at best.

Of course, both the US and Russians have spent hundreds of millions during and I'm sure since the Cold War to master it - but we don't overly have a detailed account except by people like Major Ed Dames who was called Patient ONE in the US OBE Experiments to try and infiltrate Russian war room meetings, find missile bases and such.

I think we need an evolutionary change (as mentioned: the next age of man posts of mine) I think MAN will adapt the ability eventually, it seems like a natural progression in our growth. But I still think exploring deep space with unmanned craft and continued radio broadcast and receptions, even though I don't understand why we think other civilizations use radios to communicate - we sooooo need to get "out of the box" with our thinking.

--- End quote ---

The only evolutionary progression left for mankind to achieve is immortality, the ability to have a physical body that can do as much and more than our spirtual body.  All these other 6th senses we already posses, we just either refuse to admit the existance, or refuse to practice them.  This is, of course, a natural limitation of our phsical being.  We need to relearn things we knew and accepted prior to becoming mortal.

Hello Brian:

     What is a "Keylally"??

     Yes, I misspoke in appearing to confuse "thought speed" with the speed at which I have felt my consciousness travel during  an OOB experience. I have no quarrel with your thought that thought speed is for all practical purposes instantaneous.

     As to the speed "between sound and light" at which I believe my body travels when going and coming from an OOB destination, there is a third speed (which may be it) of vibration traveling through a solid object.  Britons in WW2 noticed that when a bomb or shell was exploded across the Channel, first the flash was observed, then a jolt was felt, then the sound was heard. ( I suppose the speed might vary with the material involved)



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